Broken Glasses: Repair Costs And Methods

Glasses are an essential tool for many people. Broken glasses are more than an inconvenience. Broken glasses can cause a loss of quality of life, and even hinder your ability to function.

There is good news!

There are several options for fixing your glasses, depending on how bad they are. You can either take your glasses to a glass repair shop or fix them yourself. Each method has its advantages and costs will vary depending on what type of repair is required and which method you choose.

Professionally fixing glasses frames

It is easy to fix bent frames by yourself. There are some reasons to have them repaired by a professional.

  • It’s not necessary to risk further damage to your glasses by trying to fix them yourself.
  • The local glasses repair shop will quickly reshape metal and plastic frames and ensure that they fit properly.
  • Minor adjustments can be made free of charge by professional eyewear shops.
  • Framings that are completely broken will require special skills and tools to repair.

Broken metal frames should be taken to a professional eyeglass repair shop in most cases. Metal frames are too fragile to be repaired at home. You will need special equipment and knowledge to fix metal frames. If you attempt to weld them yourself, you may cause injury. Professionals can repair your frames with precision. You run the risk of looking through broken frames and causing vision impairment.

Although plastic frames are more easy to repair than metal frames it is still a good idea to take them to a shop for repairs. A repair shop can reattach the plastic frames if they break.

A lot of places that fix glasses can repair broken frames for less than $50. For as low as $35, some retailers like LensCrafters offer extended warranties for one year on glasses. You can have your glasses repaired for a small fee if you have this warranty.

Fixing broken frames of metal glasses yourself

While ill-fitting frames are a nuisance, they can be quite easy to correct. You can usually modify bent frames at your home. Adjustments to bent metal frames will require a gentle and guiding hand. You might damage metal frames if you try to adjust them too much. You will need soft-tipped scissors to make these adjustments. Because the ends of soft-tipped pliers are covered in plastic, they are less likely damage your glasses.

First, determine which side of your frame is bent. To determine which arm is higher than the others, tilt your frames. You will need to bend your left arm at the hinge if the right arm looks raised. If the left arm seems raised, you can bend the right side of the hinge to raise it. To tighten the grip of metal frames’ arms on your head, you can also bend them inward. To loosen their grip, you can bend the arms inward. You can adjust the nose pads to make sure your glasses don’t slip down your nose.

You can heat the frames with a hairdryer to make them bend easier. You can also run the frames under warm water but don’t place them on an open flame.

You will need to have your metal frames repaired by a professional if they are broken into pieces. If your frames are bent, however, it is possible to repair them yourself.

You can repair your own plastic glasses frames

To reshape bent plastic frames, heat is required. Your frames will break more easily if they are made of plastic. Keep in mind that many opticians offer small adjustments at no charge.

To make plastic frames more flexible, heat them up in steam. Do not heat your frames. This can cause damage. After heating your frames, you can bend them to your liking. Make small adjustments and be careful.

You can repair your plastic glasses frames by using super glue. This method is not recommended for everyone. Be careful not to get glue on your skin and let the glue dry completely before you put your glasses back on.

These methods are relatively inexpensive to fix glasses frames. If you choose to fix your glasses frames yourself, you may only need to buy a few small tools, such as super glue or pliers. You run the risk of further damage if you fix your glasses yourself, rather than hiring a professional to do it.

Professionally repairing lenses

Sometimes eyeglass lenses can become irreparable. You will need to replace your lenses if they are cracked or chipped. You will need to ensure that your prescription is current before you replace your lenses. You will need to schedule an appointment for your eye exam if your prescription isn’t up-to-date before you replace your lenses .

Cost of new lenses will depend on many factors. Your provider will provide more information about the cost of replacement lenses if you have vision insurance.

You should also consider whether your lenses require an anti-glare solution. Your lenses might be more costly if you need an anti-glare solution. The cost of specialized lenses and an eye exam can add up quickly.

It is easier to fix scratched lenses. Most opticians are able to repair scratched lenses for a nominal fee.

Repairing scratched lenses yourself

There is no way to fix prescription glasses that have been scratched. It’s difficult to restore your glasses to their original condition once they have been scratched. The situation could get worse if you try to remove scratches.

If you are willing to take the risk and your glasses don’t have any cracks or chips, there may be products in your house that can repair scratches. Baking soda and toothpaste are two common options for this job. You should first clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth, and then use a lens cleaner to remove any scratches. After you have cleaned your glasses thoroughly, they can be removed from scratches.

Apply a small amount non-abrasive toothpaste on each eye to fix scratched lenses. Next, gently rub the lenses with a soft cloth for approximately 30 seconds. After cleaning your lenses, rinse them and then dry them with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the process if scratches remain on your lenses.

The same procedure can be used with baking soda. Mix a little bit of baking soda and water until the paste consistency is reached. Apply to the lenses.

You can also buy scratch-removing solutions to your glasses if you wish. These products are safe for glass if you read the instructions. These products should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is very easy to repair scratched lenses by yourself. Usually, you have baking soda or toothpaste on hand. You can buy a scratch-removing product at most grocery stores for a very low price if you prefer.

Professionally repair hinges and nosepads

You can take your glasses to the clinic to have a broken hinge screw or a damaged nose pad replaced. These services are simple and inexpensive, and most opticians offer them. These types of repairs are usually not necessary.

You can repair hinges and nosepads yourself

One of the easiest DIY glasses repair tasks is to replace or fix loose hinges or nose pads from sites like that can be found here. A repair kit for glasses can be purchased at most grocery stores and costs anywhere from $3 to 20. These kits will include everything you need for small repairs. The glasses repair kit includes a small screwdriver and various sizes of screws, as well as nose pads, a case, and a carrying bag. The screwdriver can be used to fix or replace hinges or nose pads. You should always have one of these handy in case you lose a screw or a nose pad.

These kits can also be used to maintain your glasses. You should check the tightness and replace your screws every now and again to maintain their quality.

There is an easy, temporary fix for missing hinge screws if you don’t have an eyeglasses repair tool. This temporary fix is not permanent. You should replace the missing screws as soon as possible. You should align the hinge so you can see where the screw normally fits. Insert a small piece wire through the hinge. To keep the wire in place, pass it through the hinge several times. Twist if necessary. This should last until you are able to purchase a glasses repair kit, or take your glasses in to an optician.

The best way to care for your glasses

There are likely to be a solution for broken glasses, no matter if you have broken your glasses in half or lost your nose pad. Broken lenses or broken frames require professional repair. You can also repair your glasses at home with many methods.

It is more expensive to take your glasses to an optician than to repair them yourself. Professionals can restore your glasses with precision and care.

There are many ways to fix glasses. However, you have to choose how you want to take care of them. When choosing a repair method, be sure to consider all options. This could make a huge difference in your vision.

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