What Drives Glasses Sales?

What if Prada’s reputation as a brand plummeted when they ventured into eyewear? The fourfold increase in sales after Luxottica signed a contract had been possible because they were able to sell four times as many eyewear.

Recent articles and opinion pieces have highlighted the importance of branding in the optical industry. But what is the significance of branding in sunglasses?

Let’s just put it in perspective: distribution is far more impressive.

Luxottica’s slow and calculated expansion strategy, buying sales, and distribution resource allocations region by region allowed them to get the best out of their licenses. This was a lot before Luxottica took on its first license.

So distribution trumps branding.

This will be key to LVMH’s success and Kering Eyewear’s failure. This raises additional questions.

It is therefore crucial to get goods on the sales floor. How important is branding once the products have reached the sales floor?

Personally, I believe Kering and LVMH have the tools to succeed. However, I may have to be cautious about making any gloomy predictions for licensing giants other that Luxottica.

Customers who are fashion-literate are my favorite. These people have been a part of my core customer base for years. These people are often different from those who are “brand driven”. It’s kind of like the difference in style and fashion.

Customers who are attracted by a brand will expect a specific product once they have built it. This is a good thing. It’s not the same as “branding” and then selling something.

Branding is not a factor that drives purchases. The survey found that durability, style and fit are the most important factors.

These are the qualities that will make your brand famous if you want it to be.

The survey data suggests that any competitors who are concerned about industry changes or their potential to absorb every brand and license they desire should return to the basics and concentrate on product. A good product should be able compete on the sales floor. Superior products should be even more successful.

It would be fascinating to examine the case-by-case basis for results that are contrary to this statement. However, licensing giants other than Luxottica should be able make products that are independent of their merits. It will be fascinating to see how this turns out.

Let’s return to the original question: What drives eyewear sale? What is the wholesale level? At the retail level

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