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  • Your Personal Pashmina Wrap

    Classic top-stitching and beautiful fabric: These are the words that describe your cashmere wrap. When you wrap it around your body, you will find that it fits perfectly in just about any position. It starts with the flat front panel, designed with fine mill scale patterning that is however intricate, yet remains flawless. Directly under […]

  • Finding Abercrombie T’s for the Baby Boomer

    Have you ever wondered why older people tend to have more t’s than those who are younger? The t-shirt industry was not built on the idea that only the young and the hip should wear t-shirts but in fact the t-shirt industry was and still is used by many as a way to pass some […]

  • Top Sunglasses Styles For Spring 20222

    We welcome the warmer weather by choosing the best shades to protect our eyes from the open seas. Costa Del Mar sunglasses are well-known for their ability to protect against the harsh sunrays and the glares from open water. These sunglasses, inspired by the beach, are perfect for a day at the seaside. The frames combine style […]

  • The rise in price for vintage AO aviator glasses

    People talk about the importance of product placements every now and again. Some people think they are important while others don’t. Their value ultimately depends on their ability to reach the customers who notice them. Mad Men’s Don Draper, a Mad Men character, has used Vietnam-era HGU-4/P sunglasses. It has had a significant impact on the vintage […]

  • What Drives Glasses Sales?

    What if Prada’s reputation as a brand plummeted when they ventured into eyewear? The fourfold increase in sales after Luxottica signed a contract had been possible because they were able to sell four times as many eyewear. Recent articles and opinion pieces have highlighted the importance of branding in the optical industry. But what is the significance […]

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